Mallz Official & Worldwide Boy Presents What Was Lost EP

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MALLZ OFFICAL – What was lost ep

Mallz Official – “I spent the past few years exploring different sounds, going day by day trying to perfect my craft.

This project speaks to my growth in those years, my personal journey, growing up in Lagos Nigeria, relationships with friends, love & hustle.

On the title, What Was Lost, i came up with that at a time when i was unable to deliver new music to my fans who have been soo patient for the longest time. I felt it would have been unfair to keep them waiting longer.

sorry for the wait art for mallzofficial

“Fast Forward to a few hours later, the idea to give my fans a project highlighting my timeline from the past couple of years & all the sounds i’ve experimented on came to mind. From that point, there was no going back.

I was going to release that same night and nothing was going to stop me.”

What was Lost Now available on Audiomack

“My first major music paycheck came from Audiomack, so it was only right that i shared this with the family that made my journey as wonderful as it is now, hence why What Is Lost is exclusive to the Audiomack Platform. – Mallz Official

Artwork for Ep by Mallz Official titled What Was Lost


  1. Psycho (Live Studio Freestyle)- Originally released on Febuary 1 2020
  2. Cold– Originally released on June 5 2020
  3. Calling- Part of the ITAT Ep Which Was Lost
  4. Double up-  Ft Wahaab Part of the ITAT Ep Which Was Lost
  5. Flex (Na Na)- What Was Lost
  6. Calling (Accapela Version) Bonus Track
  7. Calling (Instrumental) Bonus Track

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