“Men shouldn’t have an opinion on what women do with their bodies” – Angel Smith spills

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Popular brand influencer, Angel JB Smith, emphasizes on the how the choices of a woman’s body is solely dependent on personal decision and never of a man’s opinion.

This comes following the reality stars newly installed teeth braces and a newly inked tattoo which she attributed its meaning to that of feminine power.

In a series of tweet, Angel noted that it is forbidden for a man to have an opinion on whatever a woman decides to do on and with her body, including abortions, family-planning, etc.

In her words, “As a man; you shouldn’t have an opinion on what women do with their bodies. Not iuds, abortion, plastic surgery, choice of clothes etc, nothing 🤍 Hopefully women are given more autonomy over their bodies and more women find the courage to fight for their autonomy; especially African women.”

This, however, sparked mixed reactions from her followers, some of which disagreed with the claim.

See some reactions below …

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