[Internet Streets Never Forgets] Video of up and coming artiste having fun with James Brown after he denied being his lover dug up.

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A few hours after the up and coming singer, Marshall Ratti denied being the masked boyfriend crossdresser, James Brown has been flaunting lately, a video of the duo having a pleasurable time together has surfaced.

James Brown in recent times began to tension social media with clips of his boyfriend which he denied the public access to his facial looks.

However, after sharing a video and photos of their expensive date, the good folks of the www swung into action to unveiling the dude behind the mask.

Marshall Ratti, who was fingered to be the man in James Brown’s countless love clips vehemently denied while stating that he only worked with the crossdresser.

Not too long after he debunked this, a video of James Brown twerking for the singer has surfaced which contravenes his narrative.

Watch the video below:

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